“Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium” (pg 26-29)

MMS Quick Reference Guide

Always use an activator with each drop of MMS1. Use 5 drops

of lemon or lime juice or 10% citric acid, or one drop of 50%

citric. Use 5 drops of vinegar in emergencies when lemon,

lime, or citric acid are not available. See Chapter 12 for more on

making MMS. See Chapter 13 for complete descriptions of protocols

and how to use them.

If diarrhea, nausea or fatigue is severe, stop MMS until they are gone.

They are reactions to too much MMS so start again immediately

but with smaller doses. Increase as soon as possible. Many find

that eating a raw apple 15 minutes before taking MMS helps to

prevent nausea. Or when nausea is present, eating an apple helps

to overcome it. It is best to pulverize the apple in a blender food

processer before eating, but it must be fresh.

MMS2can be used at any time and can be used when MMS1 is

not available. In very bad cases, always add MMS2 capsules to the

treatment. It can also be used on the outside of the body. Open

a capsule and dissolve the powder in an eighth of a cup of water

(that’s one ounce or 28g.) Use your fingers or a spray bottle to apply

it to the affected areas.

Basic Sequence of Actions For

Healing With MMS

Start with Protocol 1000 (Ch. 13, p. 62) if the person you plan to treat

has a simple disease such as a cold or the flu, or even HIV/AIDS, or

if there are undiagnosed pains, rheumatoid arthritis, problems with

walking, or other physical problems.

Start with a quarter, a half, or one drop for the first hour, depending

on how sick the person is. The sicker he is, the less MMS he should

have. If the first dose does not cause a reaction, go to the next larger

dose on the second or third hour. If that invokes no reaction, continue

increasing until you have reached 3 drops on the fourth of fifth hour.

Never go over 3 drops an hour on Protocol 1000. Never go to the

next Protocol if the person is improving.

If no improvement on Protocol 1000 after two weeks, then go to

Protocol 2000.

Start with Protocol 2000 (Ch. 13, p. 68) if the person has cancer or

a life-threatening disease such as Hepatitis or liver failure or is on

dialysis. If dialysis is involved, start at an eighth of a drop per hour.

If starting here, begin with a quarter, half, or one drop, depending on

how sick the person is. Increase the drops per hour as fast as you

can but without causing nausea or diarrhea. If possible, spray the

cancer with 10 activated drops in each ounce of water once an hour

for a few hours, and then once every two hours. As long as you can

see improvement from spraying once an hour, do not stop.

If there is no noticeable improvement with Protocol 2000 in a few

days (5 or more), then add Protocol 3000 or add 3000 right away if

you think it will help.

Normally, do not start with Protocol 3000 (Ch. 13, p. 72) but

sometimes it might be indicated for a light treatment of MMS.

Begin by spraying an arm with MMS. Use 20 drops of activated MMS

for each ounce of water. This is twice the strength of MMS that is

sprayed on the body for all other problems. Immediately add DMSO

and mix by rubbing it in, as it is too strong if not mixed with DMSO.

Be sure to see Chapter 13 for details.

If there is still no slight improvement begin using the bag (Ch. 24, p.

194). Never spend more than 10 minutes in the bag. For maximum

safety, only spend 5 minutes in the bag.

You can also add the following:

• Douche: Use 2 glasses of water or a quart with 8 drops per

glass (one drop per ounce, activated as always).
DMSO drops: (DMSO is in Liquid form. 99%, 90 or 70%))
(99% is too strong to apply to the skin straight, but in a 1/2 liter no problem.)

The douche protocol is do it at night. 1/2 liter of water, distilled better but at least purified.
1/2 liter with 3 1/2 cc's CDS or 10 drops activada. twice to three times a week. She can go up to 5cc's or 15 drops.
The adding of DMSO is important. After once or twice doing the Douche add 5 drops of Dmso each time.
It will help absorb much better.( At the same time do  Protocol 1000 (which is 3 drops per hour 8 times a day - see above)
After one week go up 1 drop a day til  reach no more than 15 drops per day.
At anytime reduce in half if any die off/herx reaction.

DMSO. To test whether or not you are allergic to it, perform this test:

• Carefully wash and dry your arm;

• Add one drop of DMSO to one spot on your arm and rub it in;

• Give it about 15 minutes to soak in and then wait several


If there is no pain in your liver area, it is probably safe for you to use

DMSO, which will be the case for 99 out of 100 people. However,

to be safe, wait 24 hours to make sure you have no reaction to it.

• Skin spray: Use 10 drops per ounce (40 drops for half a

glass of water). Spray any skin problem hourly and also take

MMS by mouth.

Never go to the next protocol if the patient is improving.


Remember – any time the patient seems to get worse

or reacts to MMS with diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, or

extreme tiredness, reduce the dose. Or stop until the

reaction goes away, then start back at a lower dose.

Never think it is alright to continue MMS when the person

is feeling worse. Stop and wait until he is back to how he

was when you started, and then start MMS again.

Some Common Situations

• Asthma, heart problems, diabetes, epilepsy – Protocol


• Bad problems – Protocol 1000

• Cancer – Protocol 2000 which is taking MMS1 hourly 10

hours a day, but use as many drops per hour as you can stand

without getting nausea, diarrhea, or severe fatigue. Also take

MMS2 every 2 hours at the same time till well. See Chapter

13, (Protocol 2000). In cases where cancer is especially bad,

also add Protocol 3000.

• Children and babies -- Use a half drop per hour up to 15

pounds of body weight. Use one drop per hour for over 15

pounds and each 25 lbs (12 kg) of body weight. Use Protocol

1000 or follow instructions for Protocol 2000 for cancer and

other life threatening diseases. For Protocol 2000 it is the

same – use as much MMS as possible without making the

child sick.

• Diarrhea not caused by MMS -- Protocol 1000 (3 drops an

hour). If the diarrhea is not caused by MMS, wait until it is

gone. Drink lots of water.

• Ear ache – For an ear ache, put four drops in half a glass of

water. Lie on your side, fill ear with liquid and pull on it to get

liquid to the bottom.

• Eye infections – Make a 4-drop dose in a half glass of water

then use 1 to 4 drops in the eyes 4 times a day. Also add

Protocol 1000 for best treatment of an eye infection.

• Flu -- Hourly 3-drop doses until well. Reduce the number

of drops if nausea occurs and increase them when nausea

stops. (Protocol 1000)

• High blood pressure -- Hourly 3-drop doses. Reduce the

number of drops if nausea occurs and increase them when

nausea stops. Continue one week after you are well. (Protocol


• HIV and AIDS – Take hourly 3-drop doses and reduce the

number of drops if nausea occurs. Increase the number when

nausea stops. Continue for 3 weeks.(Protocol 1000).

• Incurable disease bad problems -- Use the cancer protocol

(Protocol 2000).

• Maintenance -- Older people (over 60) use 4 to 6 drops a

day. Younger people use 4 drops twice a week

• Malaria – For malaria, give a 15-drop dose; wait one hour;

give a second 15-drop dose; then give 6 drops each hour

until well.

• Malaria and cancer prevention -- Use 4 drops a day for life.

• Medium problems -- Use 4 drops 4 times a day.

• Nose and sinus problem – Make a 6-drop dose in half

a glass of water. Lie down and put 6 drops in each nostril

every few hours until well. Or use a quart of water with 32

drops of activated MMS in it. Rest your head down in the sink

sideways and with a hot water bottle, use the hose to drain

the water into the upper nostril and allow it to flow out of the

lower nostril. Then turn your head over and do the same with

the other side.

• Sinus congestion -- Four drops in half a glass of water. Lie

on your back and put several drops in each nostril; or drain

several glasses to a quart through one nostril and out the

other 4 or 5 times daily until the sinus congestion is gone.

• Small problems -- Use 6 drops twice a day.

• Skin sores and rashes -- Use 20 drops of activated MMS

and add just a quarter of a glass of water. (That is 10 drops

of activated MMS per ounce of water -- same strength as for

all body sprays.) Spray on the affected skin or dab it on with

your fingers. Do this 4 times a day or hourly if necessary. Also

use Protocol 1000.

• Sore throat -- Gargle with a 6-drop dose in half a glass of

water every 2 hours. Take 3-drop doses hourly until well.

(Protocol 1000).

• Sores on the head -- Use a 10-drop dose and an eighth of a

glass of water (10 activated drops per ounce of water which

is the same strength as all body sprays). Spray or dab on the

sores 4 times a day.

• Staph infection -- Use 5 or 6 drops and activate in a container

wide enough to cover the infection. Use no water, just the

gas, but never for more than 5 minutes. Ten minutes will give

you a bad burn. Position your body so that liquid does not

leak out -- hold the container on the lower or side surface of a

body part. The staph infection should be killed after one or two

treatments. Wait 4 hours before applying a second treatment.

(If you use a glass container that you can see through, you

will be able to see the staph being destroyed.)

• Toothache and mouth problems – Make a 10-drop dose in

half a glass of water. Brush your teeth and gums every hour

until the toothache is gone and then twice a day until your

mouth and gums are totally healthy.

• Other body sicknesses and problems – Of course there

is not enough room in this book to list all body problems and

sicknesses, but please use the problems listed above to guide

you in treating your individual problems, and of course see all

the other instructions in this book.

* Water purification -


If you are treating bad water:

1. Obtain a 1 quart jar

2. add 3 drops of Sodium Chlorite (MMS)

3. add 3 drops of citric acid.

4. Swirl and then pour in 1 quart of the water needing to be


If you are just storing water, let's say for emergencies:

1. Obtain a 1 gallon jar

2. add 3 drops of Sodium Chlorite (MMS)

3. add 3 drops of citric acid

4. Fill with water.


• If treating bad (non-potable) water, use common sense. Water

that smells putrid should not be consumed.

• Pre-filter water by running it through a screen or cheese cloth to

catch any large particles.

• When consuming water in any emergency situation, test a small

amount of water first and see if it makes you sick before you

drink large amounts.

• Storing good clean water in sanitized and sealed containers

ALWAYS beats cleaning bad water.


FEMA recommends:

You should have at least a three-day supply of water and you should

store at least one gallon of water per person per day. A normally active

person needs at least one-half gallon of water daily just for drinking.

Additionally, in determining adequate quantities, take the

following into account:

• Individual needs vary, depending on age, physical condition, activity,

diet, and climate.

• Children, nursing mothers, and ill people need more water.

• Very hot temperatures can double the amount of water needed.

• A medical emergency might require additional water.

So a family of 4 would need 4 gallons per day in reserve or

28 gallons for the week.