Reminiscences of Joseph & Nancy


The Happy Couple. Married in Hawaii, June 25, 2001.

Ledaq temple, Northern India.

Proud Dad on Caye Caulker, Belize.

O.K., so we deserve each other.


"Father Knows Best" 1959.

Traveling with his Mom in Japan, 1961.  Over 90
countries and 40 years later it's still in his blood.

World famous gemologist, Director at Sothebys,
author and businessman in New York &
San Francisco. A self made man.

Easy rider in California.

Retired to Hawaii at 39! Work hard then Play hard.

Building a 4 storey house by himself in South Kona,
and researching, collecting and digesting a 10,000
book Metaphysical Library, kept Joseph busy.

Always time for a furry friend.

Still happy & dancing through life!

'Grampi' and Kayla (2). Teacher and student -
 or is it student and teacher?  We learn
from each other.

Visiting 'Gami' at her new home in Hawaii.
Back: Shane, Mariah, Nancy, Joseph.
Front: Kevin, Kayla, Gami

The real family photo!  We resolved in 2012 to
 'grow up and take life more serious'.  Or not.

The latest edition, Kaimana Shane Mann;
born Feb 5, 2013.

Still soul mates and sharing a
good laugh, Kayla (3) & Gami (88).

Kaimana, 5 months.

Kaimana, 4 years.

Kayla and Kaimana

Shane, Mariah, Kayla and Kaimana.

Tutu and Grampy with 3 week old Leonidus
 Kainoa Walmsley, son of Kevin and Laura. 
Born 10-16-17.

Getting big.  2.5 months .

Leo 11.5 months.

Three precious grandkids 11-19,
enjoying Nature!

A 25 year adventure! 


"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
To keep our faces toward change and behave like
 free spirits in the presence
of fate is strength undefeatable."

(Helen Keller, 1880 - 1968
 U.S. writer and lecturer)

What causes a person to leave the comforts
and security of home, catapulting them
out to the far corners of this vast globe??

Having sold everything July 2003, our
new home is wherever we lay our heads.
  And what an amazing home it is!! 
Our goal is to simply explore our planet
and share this incredible world with as
 many people as possible.

Not everyday people?  Maybe
 some clues will be revealed below
in this brief glimpse into our lives:

Our mischievous little friend in Sumatra.
Orangutans are special beings.

Eh Mon - Belize!

How did we ever end up like this??












































































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Honeymooning in Kashmir, Ledaq & Sumatra. 
Shikara ride on Dal Lake, Kashmir.

Now that's a bouquet.  

Tikal, Guatemala; Belize, & Yucatan - 2002.



A proud Mother!  My family has given me great joy.

Teaching English in Katmandu. Working with
Children's Television, modeling, social work,
 travel agent and teaching English were
specialties along the way.

A year adventure around the world, (1996)
 found Mariah, Kevin & I visiting the Chief of
Rarotonga, riding camels in Egypt, camping
out for a month with wild animals in
Tanzania & Kenya, ........Maybe it's genetic?

Dad & Mom riding in style during one of their
yearly visits to Hawaii.

Pierre & Elizabeth, dear old friends, enjoying
breakfast on my lanai, South Kona, Hawaii.  

Enjoying the Wisconsin North woods at our cabin,
'The Shack', with LaVerne, Peter & brother, Paul.

Christmas festivities, at our home, with my
ESL students (from 9 different countries).

Uncle Paul, Grandma (Gami), myself & son Kevin
celebrating the picturesque Hawaiian-style wedding
 of daughter Mariah and husband Shane. (May 06 - Oahu)

Four Generations.  Kayla Sophia born
Christmas Day 2009.

Daughter Mariah & Kayla July 2010.
(Her first haircut).

Kayla decorating her first Christmas tree.  She then
proceeded to take all the decorations back off.

What a smile!  Kayla (2).

New teddy from Uncle Paul.  Kayla (3). 

Kayla, 6, our Cinderella.

Son Kevin and Laura's wedding June 4, 2016.

Lovely bride with her new Mom!

A Happy Day!

Leo's first Christmas, 2017.

Leo's 2nd Christmas with Proud Tutu 2018.

The Three Bears.