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Sharing Qigong With the World. Come
 Experience Qigong , in China, at the Source. 
Hexianju Qigong Center  鹤仙居  Welcomes You!


Located on Hainan Island in beautiful sunny Yelin Bay, amid coconut groves, gentle breezes, white sand & crashing waves; our peaceful Hexianju Qigong Training and Healing Center is waiting to share the 5000 year old secrets of Qigong with you.



Qigong Training and Healing Center

This name was carefully chosen.  Hexianju means:(鹤仙居)鹤(He) is crane. Crane represents serenity, tranquility, with a carefree life free from the battle. (xian) is a celestial being who through practice obtains longevity; (ju) is a quiet place for living. So Hexianju is a quiet place for healing and longevity, through practicing Qigong.


What is Qigong?

As explained by Chilel Qigong: "Qigong" has two characters, Qi (Chi) and Gong. "Qi or chi" means life energy and "Gong" means daily effort. In short, Qigong is a practice to use Qi for different purposes including self-healing. Everyone is born with chi and everyone has the potential to use chi for many purposes. It is the same way as swimming, we are born with the potential to swim but only when we acquire the skill to swim then we can enjoy different water activities such as scuba diving, water polo, free style, butterfly swimming, etc. In the same manner, the skill to use chi is trained not born. Once a person is trained how to use chi, he or she then can use chi for martial arts, dancing, weight lifting (yes, weight lifting, as the Chinese trained weight lifters using qigong!) and of course, medical, self-healing.”

Qigong is not connected to any religion or superstition. Qigong is a very special kind of life science.  It studies the essence of humans, how to improve our potential through the connection with Qi, and how to enhance the quality of life resulting in good health, joy and longevity.

The universe is made up of Qi. In Qigong theory, Qi is invisible to the human eye, but can be sensed by the human mind. Our thoughts are a unique type of Qi. This kind of Qi is linked to everything in our existence. It affects ourselves and everything around us. Everything in the universe is material, including our ideas. Most of our thoughts are wasting our body energy but people become more careful to keep the Qi field clear when they realize that our thoughts affect our health, emotions and every action. It's very special once we are able to master the Qi, then we will be able to master our fate.

To quote the European Zhineng Qigong Centre: “Qigong training can make your body balanced, supple, easy to control and free of pain.  Your mind becomes clear, pure and free from distracting thoughts. You develop more patience and greater powers of concentration, stress is reduced, and health and relationships are improved. This vitality will stay with you through a long and joyful life.


About our Center


Our center is just like a big family, comprised of students from China and around the world.  Everyone is from different cultural, ethnical and religious backgrounds, but they have gathered for same purpose.  We are working to enhance good health and long life; harmony and self-control; freedom and consciousness; in a welcoming environment providing equality for all. Within this naturally formed a Qi-field, which is full of harmony, happiness and vitality, it’s easy for the guests to get along with each other. They learn from each other and help each other. The people who come into the Qi-field can enhance their body and mind unconsciously. The Qi field is very effective on every kind of disease. For example, one of our guests, named Pan JiaJi was suffering from a very serious inflammation of the kidney.  He practiced qigong for two months and after a physical examination in hospital his kidney was declared normal.  Also Tang, and many others like her, have cleared their bodies of various types of cancer.  Recently one of the little daughters of a guest fell off a wall and broke her collarbone.  When given Qi by the masters and students for 3 days, the bone healed itself.  The list goes on.

Come see for yourself. We welcome you into our warm friendly Qigong family.  It’s time to change your life. Come learn Qigong and experience the benefits of Qi field.


Please contact us for more information:


Contact Jian She: Office Phone: 86-898-63538129 and
Mobile phone 86-13976902160



Dongjiao Yelin Bay,
Wenchang City
Hainan province,  571334



We keep our rates reasonable so that more may share in the healing benefits of Qigong.

Only $100 US per week provides up to 6 hours of training, practice and healing daily.

$20 US per day for 3 delicious Chinese meals daily (vegetarian available) and lodging in a comfortable, modern oceanfront room.  (20% discount after a 2 weeks stay).  Chinese lessons also available.


Web links describing our program:
Testimony from travelers from Hawaii, USA.

"After our 3 years traveling overseas, away from our home in Hawaii, we felt like we had come home to beautiful Hawaii 45 years ago. The Hexianju Qigong Center was like visiting friends."

www.worldglobetrotters.com  Hear more about Hexianju Qigong Center first hand.
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U.S. Qigong websites:




Travel tips:

Route: Fly to Haikou, Hainan through Hong Kong or Bangkok /Kuala Lumpur.  (Check www.airasia.com for inexpensive flights from Bangkok or KL to Macau- bus to Shenzen-fly to Haikou)




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Qigong practice in front of the hotel.


Hexianju Qigong Center, Hainan Island.


Chinese New Year 4074 Celebration.



Jian She teaching class.


Qigong practice in the large hall.


Beautiful, serene sunset along the beach.


Modern, oceanfront rooms at a reasonable rate.


People gather at Hexianju Qigong Center
 from all over the globe.


Part of our intergenerational Qigong family.  The cook's
daughter broke her collarbone and the loving Qi
of everyone helped it heal in 3 days.