Star Date:  February 2004


Hello Dear Family & Friends!



"Edge of the World

I cast my pebble

Onto the shore of eternity.

To be washed by the

Ocean of Time.

It has shape and substance.

It is me.

One day I will be

No more.

But my pebble

Will remain here.

Mute witness for the eons.

That today I came and stood.

At the Edge of the World."

(By Brian Inder, from a plaque on the NW coast of  Tasmania)



With penguins nesting on the beaches and t shirts saying I live on an Island (Bruny Island), Off an Island (Tasmania), Off an Island (Australia), Near the End of the World, you get used to the idea that this remote island of Tasmania is as far south as we care to go.  Antarctica will have to be visited by future generations, those who like snow and cold.  When it snowed in the Hobart Hills, in the middle of summer, we realized that Antarctica is closer than we thought.  Actually the weather went from shorts a few days ago to wearing many layers today.  Changeable.  That is what our life is.  We are living in the moment and never know what will present itself on any given day.

We have explored almost every road and peninsula of Tasmania.  We have visited places like Eggs and Bacon Bay, Nowhere Else, Moleworth, Snug, Penguin Bay, Bligh Pt., Fern Tree, Baghdad and Flowerpot.  We’ve been met by a kangaroo coming out of a dark bathroom, driven 3 miles along a sand beach to camp in a forest at the end (leaving only at low tide!), walked through fields of lavender and eaten our way around the Gordon Peninsula and Huon Valley (raspberries, cherries, fresh veggies).  On Bruny Island, with Mariah and Shane, we watched fairy penguins return to their burrows on the beach to regurgitate fish, (collected during 20 kms. of swimming), into the mouths of squawking babies, and sat by a campfire and gazed at the stars of the southern sky.  Later we saw plays, cruised the harbor, and visited the ruins of Port Arthur Prison, where over 12,000 inmates passed.  With a race on to settle and build infrastructure on Tasmania the British started transporting “criminals” to Van Diems Land.  The offences ranged from oops, sorry, no charge, to stealing a loaf of bread, to the usual robbery, etc.  Seven years of labor was required, and then the convicts could go off free to settle.  Funny how just exactly the right amount of stonemason, doctor, architect, carpenter and laborer convicts ended up here to complete the building of Tasmania in the mid 1880’s.  Even 3000 boys were sentenced here for reformation! Ha!  Some things never change and even though the Brits have gone underground with their imperialism, the control worldwide is still alive and well.  By the way they killed off all the Aborigines and Tassie tigers too.  A bronze plaque commemorating a rock cliff where hundreds of Aboriginal people were run off a cliff and killed stated:  "When the white settlers came to Australia they severely disrupted the lifestyle of the Aboriginal people".  They sure did disrupt their lifestyle, they killed them all! What a British understatement.  The good old days. 

It all started near Eggs and Bacon Bay.  A bumper sticker read, “Bush Is The Real Terrorist!”.  Joseph confronted the man and his girlfriend about it.  They started to slink away until we said we agreed and all laughed.  This new “free” Aussie land has just joined the US in a missile program, started a Homeland Security Dept and is pushing FEAR in a nation that doesn’t have much to fear at all.  Also Parliament just passed that nightmare issue of allowing GMO, genetically modified products, to be grown, and Gunn Lumber Company continues to trash the large virgin Tassie forests for wood chips to the Japanese at $8 a ton. Luckily not everyone here is marching to the tune of Bush yet. And Bush is marching to the tune of the world corporations? England?  Who knows???  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we really knew what was going on – I mean really knew???  What a shock it would be.  The good thing is that more people are starting to question and think and the internet is providing a freedom of information that our controlled news media doesn’t allow.

Whatever the world situation, the people who make up this planet are usually unique, friendly and peaceful. Everyone here has been so helpful and accommodating, all around the island and up the East Coast. In Cygnet, a small town in the hills, we were parked outside one of those great little bakeries with fresh, hot bread, next to a yummy little vegetarian café and store.  A lady rode up on her bicycle and asked if we were the folks from Western Australia asking where we could get a hot shower.  We said, “No, but our Kombi van is from there and we would sure like a shower.”  She led us to her home and we had a luxurious shower and visit with our new friend, Ellen. 

So it goes…………….....................Until next month our thoughts are with each and every one of you.  We hope you are healthy, enjoying life, and making time each day for a good laugh. You just have to keep smiling!  What else is there??  Keep away from the Edge (of the World).  Thank you so much for keeping in touch.  When we check the internet once a week it is great to hear your reactions to our adventure, and updates on your lives.  Take care!  Vaya Con Dios!!



Love, xoxoox  Nancy & Joseph



Penguin rookery - Bruny Island


Feel the strength of the giants of the forest.


Enjoying the view, with daughter Mariah & boyfriend Shane,
overlooking the penguin rookery.  Behind us - Antarctica.  We
 added even more layers to observe the penguins that night!


Fairy penguins, proof that Antarctica is nearby.


Our Kombi found a friend.!




Friends from the ferry, biking around Tasmania to bring
awareness to the unchecked logging of old growth trees.


Birds galore!


Tasmania 12-03 to 2-04



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