Star Date: April 2004

New South Wales & Queensland

Hello Everyone!



"Whether you think you can

or think you can't,

you are right."

(Henry Ford)



From Sydney we have been slowly heading north to Brisbane.  We usually just look at the map and pick out a little quaint looking town, beach or cove.  Our favorites so far have been Hawks Nest, Seal Rocks, Crowdy Head, Red Rock, and Mullumbimby, (up in the hills from the coast).  We befriended a “Kombi Man” at a beach who fixed our brakes in his backyard.   We ended up taking him to the emergency room at the local hospital that evening, doubled over in pain, luckily just a passing health problem from his poor but well loved heavy meat diet.  Unique, helpful guy, "that Steve was"! 

We also were invited out to an Aboriginal village and spent an amazing afternoon with some of the most genuine, warm hearted people we have met thus far.  On the way we stopped for gas and directions.  The owner, who has lived there for 37 years, warned us loudly to avoid going out there as "It wasn't safe!"  He then admitted that he, himself had never been out to the village but had heard plenty of bad stories. This unfortunately was the general opinion of too many Aussies.  Not all Aboriginals are substance abusers as commonly thought, in fact a recent poll announced that there were far more alcoholic white Aussies, per capita, than Aboriginals.

Rosie invited us to her art gathering and not only explained about her rich culture but gave us two beautiful oil paintings and some dreamtime earrings.  We even were shown a special omen, a "kangaroo dog", which had cleft front paws like those of a 'roo'.  What a local treasure is waiting to be discovered by their white neighbors.  We are carrying Rosie and her friends in our hearts on this Australian walkabout (or driveabout)! 

From there we headed to Mullumbimby (told to go there by a bearded hippy lady in Byron Bay).  We picked up Ken hitchhiking on the way.  He treated us to lunch at the local health food café epicenter (funky, but nothing comes close to Pahoa, Hawaii).  Having rare access to a vehicle he ended up loading our van with large ladders, food and hardware items and we drove him back to his mountain hideaway 30 kms. away.  There we spent a lovely evening and day with our new 65 year old vegan friend! 


And so goes the road................................ We think of you all often and hope you are happy, healthy, and thinking, or better yet knowing, that you CAN!  Take care, keep sharing your light and keep smiling.  We have really been enjoying your notes letting us know how life is with you and yours.



Love, xoxooxxoxo


Nancy & Joseph                        


 This large, noisy koala was up in the tree above our Kombi one night.  He
 gave off a loud, low guttural bellow, letting everyone know he was King
 of his territory.  Joseph mimicked back, and 'King'  immediately
decided to carry out his royal duties elsewhere!


Dreamtime whale.


Our new gentle spirited friend, Rosie, with a large smile and
an even larger heart.  We spent the day learning the symbolism
 of their art and observing life in the Aboriginal village.


Dreamtime gila monster or lizard, honoring the 4 directions,
dreamtime, and the perpetuity of the boomerang. 
It utilizes the earthy tones of the Outback.


A member of the 'proper' white race.


Spiny anteater or Echidna 'hiding' by the side of the road.


Wally the wombat.


Thank goodness for reminders!


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