Star Date:  June 2004
The East Coast to Queensland


Hello Dear Family & Friends!


G' day!



"Your thoughts  ..........

are the difference between

prison and freedom,

sorrow and happiness,

Choose Wisely" !!!



Just checking in from northern Queensland.  We are currently traveling up the coast between Brisbane and Cairns.  Australia is a big country, about the same size as the USA and certainly as diverse.  Having a year to drive around makes all the difference in our trip.  Except for longer days going through the outback we only have to travel about 30 miles a day.  Not exactly pushing it!  That way we are able to relax and take the time needed to see the sights and get to know the locals.  We have met such wonderful and friendly Aussies.  This really is a unique country!

Joseph put together a couple maps, from his Encarta Encyclopedia program, to add to the index page of our website.  This should help you keep track of the gypsies.

In the last 10 months  we have been to Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia (the islands of Sumatra, Flores, Sumbawa, Lombok & Bali).  In October we flew to Darwin, in northern Australia, to start a 1 year look around this big continent.

We drove down through the Outback past Ayers Rock, Uluru, to Melbourne.  From there we took the ferry over to Tasmania for 2 months.  Back up to Melbourne in February we have been driving up the east coast of the states of Victoria, New South Wales, and now Queensland.  From Cairns we plan to drive straight west across the outback and end up in the Kimberly Ranges near Broome.  We will then follow the coast down through Perth, Western Australia, and around back to Adelaide in Southern Australia. From there we will sell our car in October and fly to New Zealand.

It has been an exciting and fun 10 months.  Lots to look at and still time to relax.   We are very happy and healthy and have found out that we are very compatible even in close quarters like the Blue Dragon.


So it goes...................................................................... for another month.  We apologize for lack of details this time, as I make up for a month away.  Also we are always improving our knowledge and technology with our webpage. Keeps the brain cells active.  We love sharing the world with you, through stories and photos. Glad you like it!   We hope you are enjoying life and choosing your thoughts carefully.  It really does alter the quality of our lives!

Take care and Keep Smiling.



Love, xoxoox  Nancy & Joseph



Travel notes:


$1.00US = .70AUD

Buy your car in the north or west and sell it in Sydney, or a major city on the east coast, where it will fetch a higher price.  Watch the expiration date of the vehicle registration/safety check - Western Australia is the easiest state to renew, they even do it over the phone with a credit card!

Study the climate and follow the sun!  Makes a difference.






















The "Blue Dragon" (76 Volkswagen Kombi) can take on anything!!


Stunning parrots and other colorful exotic birds are everywhere!


Hiking in a rainforest with gigantic hapu fern trees.


Curious kangaroos are hopping everywhere!


This 'roo' stops by a little store every afternoon to
say hello and get a treat.


The laughing Kookaburra, the bushman's alarm clock.


Dangar Falls.



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