Star Date: October 2004
Western and South Australia


Hello Dear Family & Friends!


"If you want to be happy, be."


Leo Tolstoy


Has anything changed since Tolstoy's time, or that of Socrates?  The human condition still yearns for happiness. We like to think it is a  complicated topic and blame everything or everyone around us for our unhappiness.  We fill the attainment of happiness with all sorts of conditions.  "I'll be happy when" ....... or " if so and so, then I would be happy".  The hard truth is that it is our own responsibility and simply our decision.  Not happy?  Make some changes.  Can't change something?  Change our perception of it.  Something for us to think about and work towards.

Time spent "staying centered" is time spent in happiness.    Take the time to listen in silence. We're worth it.  The answers are always there.  So is the happiness!

For years I have started each day with a minimum 1/2 hour of quiet listening.  It is an important part of my day and the clarity it brings is invaluable (and saves time in the long run).  I can sure tell the difference in a day if I haven't had that time.  As the Quakers would say if you are too busy to spend a 1/2 hour in silence ........ then you need an hour!!  It's all priorities.

We have had our morning quiet time in some of the most beautiful places recently.  "The Valley of the Giants", SW of Perth, near Denmark, is full of amazing, large tingle and karri trees.  We camped near the world's largest red tingle eucalyptus (90 m./270 ft tall and 25mt/75 feet cir).  It was 15x15ft inside!!!  As we humbly sat near this powerful giant in the morning fog, with the surf pounding in the distance, we were reminded of the need to stay connected to the Creator and Nature.  Therein lies the answer.

 And sitting near a pile of wood chips just doesn't do it!!   The battle continues to save these old giants and the old tuit trees further up north. Only a few valleys are left but it seems they need more wood chips to export at $8 a ton.  Protesters are arrested daily in a bid to try to raise the consciousness.  Consciousness??????  What's that??

After a fun look at another of Australia's geological wonders, the moonscape "Pinnacles", we headed into Perth.  A cold spell found us in the warmth and hospitality of a wonderful new friend, Cazee and her dog Max.  The "storm" blew over  and we were able to enjoy the harbor, the art gallery, exotic food shops and even the ever friendly "Govindas" Hari Krisna restaurant. We stocked our supplies at the organic stalls of the Sunday Fremantle Market. Big cities are fun for a change and they add some excitement to life.  Like putting a few jalapeños on your kebab !!!

We spent the next week with Derek and Cynthia in their lovely home in Peppermint Grove Beach. They had invited Joseph to stay for a visit when talking in Queensland in May.  A "little bit of home" on the road.  We went out looking at local sites together and they even bought a new laptop computer which Joseph loaded full of programs and set up on the internet.  Great down to earth people and still open to new ideas and learning in their mid seventies!! May we all keep learning!

We have been enjoying the tree lined valleys, the spring bloom of wildflowers and the coastline along the way to Esperance.  A highlight was the swaying "Tree Top Walk" 120 ft up in the canopy of the large trees.  It was a little "tamer" than swinging from tree to tree by cables, high in the rainforest canopies of Costa Rica, a few years ago with my kids. We also saw the large karri oaks - is this where "Karaoke" came from ?????      

Next we embark on our last "outback" crossing of this big continent, all along the 2500 km south coast of the Nullarbor Plain.  We will be selling the "blue dragon" in Adelaide.  And so it goes………………………………


Thanks for keeping in touch. It's always so good to hear from you.  Glad you are enjoying these ramblings, with the photos. It's our way of sharing and to remind you that you are in our thoughts.  It's our gift to you across the miles!!  Take care!  Keep smiling! 


May we all be Happy!   "Happiness wishes everyone happy.   (Les Miserable -  Victor Hugo)


Love, xoxoox  Nancy & Joseph



Kiss me you fool!!!  We woke up next to this guy one morning!


The amazing, brightly colored birds of Australia are everywhere!


Our new friends rolling out their swag in the bush near Canarvon.  We enjoyed music, food cooked in the fire, and conversation together under the stars.


One of the rare organic vegetable markets we found in Perth.
 We love those farmers!!  Smack!!


Southwest coastal scenery.


The Pinnacles (or is this the first VW Kombi to make it to the moon?). 
At least we can prove we were there!!


"Valley of the Giants"



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