Star Date:  Dec 2017


Hello Dear Family & Friends!


(He'll do it when he gets around to it - Hawaiian slang)




(Roberts Hawaii)


“What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.”     (Leo Tolstoy)

Flying into Kona.  14,000 ft. Mauna Kea in
 the distance.


Wide open skies of Waimea, as we begin
our pictorial tour around the Big Island.


A double rainbow.


Cinder cones dot the landscape.  Reminders
that we live on a volcanic island.


Lava flowing in Puna May 2018.
it: Tom Kualii


Mauna Loa, 13,600 ft, hiding behind
the clouds.


A spectacular vista of the N.E. coast.


Rugged coastline near Lapahoe'hoe.


The scenic Liliuokalani Park and gardens
 in Hilo.


One of our favorite things to do on the
Big Island is attend the local Farmers
Markets.  This one in Puna, now closed
due to Lava.


The Hamakua Coast.


Hiking through Kalopa State Park.


Wild rhododendrons in the forest.


A tunnel of trees in Puna, S.E. island.


City of Refuge, S. Kona, western side.


Pu'uhonua o Honaunau Nat Park.


A peaceful place to learn about the history
of the Hawaiians on the Big Island.


The Polynesians traveled the seas in 'wa'a' or
outrigger canoes for thousands of miles from the
 S. Pacific to reach Hawaiian shores in the 1200's.


The Big Island is 4 volcanoes stuck together.


Paddling outriggers at sunset.


Napo'opo'o Bay, where Captain Cook
landed in 1770.


The happy couple: Kevin and Laura.


Proud parents.


The Mann Clan.  Daughter Mariah, Shane,
Kayla and Kaimana.


Granddaughter Kayla, sweet little
 flower girl.


The beautiful bride.


This is what happens when the florist flies
out of town the day of the wedding!  Luckily
 Hawaii is blessed with endless colorful tropical
flowers. Maybe a new career?


Dinner by the pool.


Great band for dancing.


Of course the groom got thrown in the pool!


A 'pre wedding, wedding' with dear Gami.


We danced, and ate, and celebrated.


A picnic at Old A's Beach, with Uncle Paul.


Another gorgeous Kona sunset.




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