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Hello Dear Family & Friends!


(Hey Friend, Thai)


"Carry out random acts of kindness with no expectations of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you."

(Princess Diana)

I love how random the reaction to our webpage has become. We never know who will contact us, or from which corner of the planet.  Our goal is to simply share what a magnificent planet we all live on; a little bright spot to balance off CNN and the other negative mainstream media.  We continue to put a new page up every month, spurred on by this feedback. Recently a local girl we had walked on the beach in Mozambique with 3 years ago; wrote to tell us the quote I chose inspired her in a crisis she was facing in life. (see more below).  Thanks so much for following us and keeping in touch. It means a lot.  Your interest in our world is inspiring to us!


"I love your webpage, What a beautiful cyber-monument to the diversity and inter-connectedness of all of Life! You two will be my ears and eyes to the rest of the world." (Gene)

Princess Umul Hatiyya Ibrahim Mahama has loved your trip The Big Fat Indian Adventure – Part 1


"Hello nancy n joseph,
my name is sergio ...We met at the airport in Costa Rica march of 2013. I was traveling alone and sat down. I was wearing a cowboy hat. Anyway, I relocated from long island to sunny phoenix.
As I scan my junk emails, i stop to read your travel blogs.  They are reassuring & confirm that life is a blessing. Don't take things for granted & to stop and look around, absorb what life has to offer. 
I know these things but sometimes we get lost in our busy body worlds of work work work OR the pity patty of woo is me ...  From east coast to almost west coast has been tough. 44 years old and starting all over .....  VERY HARD
Sad ... yes, guilty ... yes, scared ... yes, excited ...YES.  This new life I was offered by a higher power is a blessing and I wont take it for granted. Im choking up writing this and we met briefly but your blogs inspire me to travel more n see & appreciate diversity in people and our beautiful planet. Thank you!  Bless you both."
(Good Luck Sergio - please take our notices out of your junk/spam mail!  Hurts our ratings - Thanks)

Siam.  The word conjures exotic visions of a mysterious country in the Indochina peninsula, a revered king, intriguing art, beautiful dancers in exquisite silk gowns and elephants lazing in the forests.  Not much has changed in the countryside but the city of Bangkok has exploded into an international center of trade and technology.  Gone are the canals and rickshaws, replaced by 4 lane highways and jammed streets. This city never sleeps and the same can happen to you if you don't find a quiet corner in the midst of the cacophony.  While travelling in Asia or in transit from Hawaii to Africa, India or China a preferred stop has always been Bangkok.  Great flight deals, visas to anywhere, supplies galore, inexpensive decent rooms and the best Thai food to please any appetite.  There are several distinct areas to stay in Bangkok and we prefer the Khao San area near the Grand Palace.  Khao San has morphed from a basic backpacker/drug scene with plywood rooms, to a rowdy get drunk/act stupid then fall into a bed in a boutique hotel area.  Noisy and crowded this one block long  hotspot is good for a look and laugh, but give staying here a miss.  Just 2 blocks away, our 'home away from home' for years has been the short alley of Soi Rambutri.  Getting busier by the year but still quaint, especially at the quiet end, this lane supplies everything from fresh squeezed orange juice, to ice cold coconuts, to a large phad thai noodles or fresh curry for a buck, to the latest screen printed t-shirts to money changers.  You want it they have it or can get it.  A place to just chill out in one of the little alley side cafes and watch the parade of travelers from all over the world pass you by.  Wild hair-doos, bizarre tattoos, strange clothes, bedraggled travelers crawling in from their latest adventure, transvestites on the prowl, saffron robed monks and proper dressed Thai girls off to work.  A little something for everyone.  This alley surrounds a 2 block square serene, exotic Thai Buddhist monastery.  One is able to meditate in the temples or simply walk through to connect and recharge from the hustle and bustle outside.

The variety of Thailand has a little bit for each person's taste.  The northern highlands have a colorful mixture of mountain tribes people.  The coasts boast magnificent miles of white sand beaches and the islands are a magical place to sail to, then hide away for a few weeks.  Good prices, friendly people, great infrastructure easily allows you to move around and to see this cultural diversity of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Siam always remained neutral or played the right side of the fence over history.  During the Vietnam War it became a haven for tired and frisky service men on R & R leave.  With that came an increase of prostitution and sex slavery.  It is not uncommon for northern tribes people to sell a daughter into prostitution.  The idea that women are in this profession because they like it or want to be is a lie and is old patriarchal thinking.  This, I believe personally, has changed the way Thais look at foreigners and especially men partaking in these extracurricular activities.  And there is something for everyone.  Just realize the damage that is being done.  Sixty year old foreigners with 20 year old Thai wives is yet another matter.  To each his own, but equalize the socioeconomic  levels and this would possibly all but vanish.  True love will always survive.

Visions of the "King & I" dance right out of your head when looking at the current political situation.  The Kingdom of Thailand, was 'ruled' by King Bhumibol Adulyadej (in his 80's) but although his photo adorns every building the spoiled royal family has come under scrutiny of late.  The Prince recently threw an expensive poolside birthday party for their French poodle "Foo Foo", which made press when a video leaked out.  Claiming that the King was being led around by a group of cronies the military, under General Prayauth Chan-ocha's leadership staged a junta and tension was high in this already high strung capitol city.  Weeks later all seems to have calmed down, the military is gaining support, and as the newspapers recently reported:

"Prayuth's recent happiness campaigns across the capital, Bangkok, where locals and foreigners alike have been offered free meals and haircuts, music concerts put on by Thai soldiers and flanked by PVC-clad dancers, and the chance to both pet a pony and take a selfie next to a trussed-up soldier as an attempt to "bring back happiness to the people" after a decade of political in-fighting."
  People are easily manipulated and soon forget the troubles of the past.  Beside who wouldn't want a photo with a soft, cuddly pony? 

And so we arrived from our lovely 2 months visiting family and friends in Hawaii to the Kingdom of Thailand.  Within minutes we were settled into our guesthouse, feeling a peculiar warmth from scowling staff at our old regular haunt.  After all these years we know they are smiling on the inside - somewhere.  Their rooms in the new section are clean, comfortable and convenient - that is if you don't mind hiking up to the 4th or 5th floor.  Our workout for the day!  Walks in the park, rides on the river boats to the market, and sojourns through the bustling streets kept us busy. We enjoy finding unique little corners of this eclectic city, from old world markets selling live snakes to high tech malls to classy historic sites reminding us of days of old.  We explored and discovered many such places with our good friend Stan, from Hawaii, who jumped ship 8 years ago and loves living in Thailand.  Sure beats the high prices in Hawaii.

Always interested in healing techniques of various countries I randomly visited the Om Room.  I arrived unannounced and was drawn to a notice telling of a 4 day seminar on Biotherapy.  Led by a doctor from Croatia, it had been full but one spot had just opened up.  I walked in the following day and greeted him with "Caco si" ("Hi there!") having been raised with my Croatian 'Little Grandma'.  We were immediate friends.  Knowing this was what I should do I started the  journey into the world of Energy, Qi, Life Force.  Most of us realize we are made up of energy; the world, the Universe is made of energy; yet we know very little about it.  My 'accidental' study of Qi Gong in China with Master Jianshe introduced me to a more in depth understanding and now working with Ivan I was able to feel the energy surge in my body.  He could actually use a person's energy to bend them in whatever direction he chose without touching them.  Remarkable.  He is a true healer, caring, intelligent and global citizen.  All his work is by donation.  He has offered to continue with his work with me long distance, months later.

Ivan knew the head Chinese doctor at Rangit University and before I knew it I sat across from him.  He checked my pulse, my eyes, my tongue and could tell what meridians needed clearing.  Within minutes I looked like a porcupine with acupuncture needles from head to foot.  Blockages in my energy meridians were cleared over the next couple of weeks and between that and Ivan's golden touch I was feeling great.  The ancient secrets revealed opened to me as a gift; as are so many things if I remain open while wandering Mother Earth.


And so it goes.........................................Next flying to Penang Malaysia, for a long overdue meal of the best Indian food outside of the continent of India.  Until next month Keep Smiling and let's remember to practice random acts of Kindness.  Our lives and those of the people around us will be enriched.  Kindness begets kindness and our world could use all the kindness it can get.  Take care and Keep in Touch!


Love, Light & Laughter, 

xoxoox  Nancy & Joseph



Travel notes:


$1.00US = 32 Thai Baht

Health & Healing in Bangkok:

Bangkok's little spiritual haven

Ph. +66 (0)2 655 6282

Many wonderful healers to choose from!

Biotherapy at Omroom - with Ivan Roca
Ivan is now working on his own in Bangkok.  Email him at:
Bioenergy is sometimes also called bioplasma, Chi, Qi, Prana, universal energy, life energy,
orgon, light, electromagnetic field, force field, or any number of other names. Bioenergy
therapy is the application of natural energy processes and laws for wakening your own
immune defenses


Most of my advances were by mistake.
You uncover what is, when you get rid of what isn't.
~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Hi Nancy,

here is your testimony on my FB wall.

If you want to publish on your web site my contacts and web sites are: or do a search Life Energy Healing & Transformation on Facebook

You can use my documentary as well:



J-Seitai: Japanese chiropractor & massage clinic - RSU Tower  4th Floor Soi 31 Phrompong (02-262-0831 or 099-447-4055)
9-12:30 3-6:30 closed Wed/holidays
$50-$60 but if you are in pain worth every penny.

Phyathai 2 International Hospital - great moderate priced private hospital, 943 Phaholyothin Rd.  They speak good English and have a representative guide you around the hospital for tests or doctor visits.  Email for an appt.:  Tests about 1/10th to 1/4 the price in the U.S.  Sometimes we need to be diagnosed so we can choose western medicine or alternative. (about 100bht in metered taxi from Khao San.)

Dental Time:  Khao San
Dr. Thanathon  (excellent)
Tele# 02-629-0344  Fax 02-641-8991
177 Jakrapong Rd., Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakorn, 10200

Turn left at end of Soi Rambutri - walk down left side of street
for about 2 blocks - very professional and friendly - they speak English.  Not all dentists are the same in the office.  Let us know if you can recommend a good one.  Joseph had all the mercury removed from his teeth, or I should say repaired from an incomplete job done in Uganda.  He checked at the Dental College near Siam Paragon and although it was a bit cheaper you had to return many times to have all the work done.  Better to just go to Dental Time.  The Dental Time next to Burger King at the end of Khao San Rd. is more expensive but just as good.  It costs about 500 baht per surface filling, discounts for a lot of work.

Travel Agencies:
Be careful. Always pay by credit card.  That way if something happens you are covered. 
STA Travel on the other side of Soi Rambutri.  Jaime is very knowledgeable and can get you good deals.
Travel in Style: Parallel little alley behind Khao San  -supposedly best prices from Bkk to India email:

4th floor - Ichan Shopping Mall - Next to Zen and Central World
Citibank ATM with no 180bht local fee charged in all other ATM's in BKK.

Go out the rear door and look for a small bridge.  Catch a river taxi back to near the Democracy Monument (last stop) for 10bht and avoid the afternoon congestion.  Also catch it behind Siam Discovery Mall.   Great inside look at old Bangkok- worth the trip just for that.

We have been to Bangkok so many times we forget to include sites to visit such as the Grand Palace, the water taxi up and down the river (drop off along the way at Chinatown, etc), the national museum, the floating markets.  Ayuthaya is a 2 hour drive from the city. A smaller version of Angkor Wat in Cambodia but with tickets so cheap why not just fly on Air Asia to see the real thing?   Don't miss an up close encounter with a 600 lb. tiger the Tiger Monastery in Kanchanaburi about 3 hours away.

Also check out past webpages for more info on Thailand: click here to see
Jan 2008 or March 2009 on the homepage.

Mango Lagoon Place - 2 doors from Roof Garden but twice the price unless you have booked ahead on  Try room # 503.  We always choose higher floors.  Better security, cleaner rooms and good exercise.  We ask for our bags to be brought up initially.

Roof Garden (Sun) Guesthouse, 62 Soi Rambutri,
Phra-Athit Rd., phone #: 02-6290626, email: .
  Get a room in the new section in the back, (521 or 421 at the top of the stairs), these rooms have an extra side window with good air and light.  Spacious rooms, newly done, at 400b a night (360b weekly rate paid up front) these are a good deal and a real step up from many of the dingy rooms for backpackers.  Soi Rambutri alley has all the amenities for travelers and is like Khao San Road 20 years ago.  The management of the hotel (Mama and Papa and son Art) are a bit indifferent but Nee at the internet/travel agency on the ground floor, is really helpful (# 081 8477682)

Sunset along the river with the locals is a relaxing event.  Just head down the alley from Soi Rambutri towards the Chao Praya River and keep walking 1-2 blocks until you come to a sharp right bend in the road.  The park is on the left side along the road and is a fun people watching place.  The impressive span bridge lights up at night.

Navalai River Resort: 45/1 Phra Athit Road, great wifi and good view of the river.  Order a drink at this upscale hotel and get caught up on emails; if your room wifi is slow.  We always turn off wifi at night - safer.

Don't miss going to see the 'circus' at night along Khao San Rd., and the lights along Chao Fa Blvd are spectacular, especially around the time of the King or Queen's birthdays.  The Grand Palace and a ride up the Klongs are not to be missed.  The list of sights in Bangkok is endless.

Take the river taxis up and down the river.  At the far end, away from city center, is Nontha Bri Market.  Get off at the clock tower at the end of the line.  Amazing sights to behold.  The taxis run back every 30 min until 7pm, but you would want to leave before dark.   

Pantip Plaza:  Computer heaven in Bangkok.  If they don't have it, it doesn't exist.  Keep your eye out for look alike products claiming to be originals - but charging full price.  If you get a knock-off for $5 accept when it breaks but paying full price be careful.  Bus #15 or 47 from near Khao San.

Taxis:  If there is ever question of a possible traffic jam bargain for the price ahead - point to point, or it will cost too much via meter.  Once you know the prices you can bargain - ask a local standing next to you.  Meter is always better price when there is no 'jam'!.

The 'tuk tuks' will offer you a cheap city tour or ride to the malls if you stop and shop in a jewelry or tailor shop.  They get a gas coupon - whether you buy or not.  We have helped out a couple of drivers when we had extra time.  DON'T take the tuk tuks back during rush hour (5:30-7pm) or you will get gassed to death in the jam.

Goldsmith in Bangkok - Eng Hua Heng, 206 Jukrapong Rd., Petchhong daughter/owner.  Close to Soi Romburtri but get a couple of quotes as their location makes prices higher.  Best to take a taxi to the Old Siam Plaza Treephet Rd.(near "Little India" taxi from Soi Rombutri 50bht metered) and compare prices,  Honest, friendly shop:  Naparatana Old Siam Co.  1st floor #
 02-222-7474 - they do the setting, etc.
Just down Titong Rd, PANA sells quality stones at local Thai prices.

Vegan in Bangkok:
Good Karma - Thailand's online health food store.

The Happy Cow website lists vegetarian places in Bangkok, but every restaurant can whip you up something vegan in a jiff.  They love vegetables here and haven't added all the terrible western diet items yet.   

A little ferry crossing to Pra Arthic pier from behind Soi Rambutri to Wang Lang has a small organic vegetable produce market.  Just ask.

Ethos Vegetarian & Organic Restaurant.  Left at Burger King on the end of Khao San Rd, right down alley, left into lane.  Tasty food, juices and deserts.

Siam Paragon, Gourmet Grocery: Longing for anything familiar overseas?  You can find it here! Also has a delicious salad bar you can eat safely and a whole organic vegetable section to purchase.

Tamarind Vegetarian Restaurant:
Next door at the international food court on the 5th floor of MBK Plaza.  Great, fresh cooked to order dishes.  Choose your veggies and have them cooked to taste.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel:
48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok Riverside, Chao Praya River. Bangkok, Thailand 
Just head down the alley from Soi Rambutri towards the river and keep walking 1-2 blocks, left side grab a river taxi and get off at the Oriental
Treat yourself to a tasty dinner on their riverside terrace at sunset (220-400bht).  Take the river taxi there and return by taxi as the river taxis stop at 7-8 pm. (walk out to the main street to hail a meter taxi)  During the day dress is casual but for dinner men must have long pants and a nice shirt. (Sandals were ok)  Women just look cute.  When traveling it pays to know how to be a chameleon.  is still the cheapest airline in Asia.  Great service, modern planes, young energetic staff, great safety record.  Go to their website and sign up for their newsletter.  You will get notices for the 1 million free or reduced seats they give away annually.  Just got a notice that for under $40 we could fly from Kuala Lumpur to London, 4 places in India, 5 places in China and less to inter Asia destinations.  Professional  - reliable website.  Don't miss them.  From Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok is only $10-15.  We also heard Jet Star is cheap from Bangkok.





The Kingdom of Thailand.


Monks praying. 


Gongs mark prayer times.


Bells of the monastery next to Soi Rambutri.


Monks ride free.  It is mandatory in Thai Buddhism for a man
to spend 3 months as a monk.


Temples along the river.


River taxis are a great way to travel, especially on a hot


We had a fun time exploring Bangkok with our friend, Stan. Stan
left Hawaii 8 years ago and enjoys living in Thailand.


The weekend market always has tasty stalls for snacking.


You never know what is going to come down the street
near the traditional markets.


What a funny little guy.  The hair on the baby elephants head
feels like a wire bristle brush.


Just about anything you want is at a traditional market.


Statues for every religion. 


Fresh fish.


Green mussels.


Lonely?  Looking for a chick?


Colorful marzipan.


Gorgeous flowers.


A frisky little squirrel in the trees outside our window.


One of the many wild travelers we ran in to in Bangkok.


A simple Thai Buddha in the monastery near
our hotel. 


Monks have only the bags on their back, for the time being, that is.

This little guy collected money to buy him some bananas.


The sign on the dash of our taxi!


Contrast from old markets to state of the art Malls.


Live mannequins. 


Hung out with DiCaprio at Siam Parigon.


Interesting modern art displays throughout the malls.


Cho, our favorite organic juice maker at Gourmet Grocery.


The river at night is spectacular.


Lighted barges shuttle people to the famous Oriental Hotel. 
Joseph first came here in the 60's and I in the 80's.


A lovely dinner on the riverside terrace of the Oriental Hotel.


A baroque quartet in the lobby.


Welcome to the Mandarin Oriental.






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