For these world globetrotters, who enjoy eating their way around the world, Roma is a perfect choice.  Eating out is one of Rome's great pleasures and the combination of romantic al fresco settings and amazing food is a guarantee of good times.  There are many refined restaurants, but for a truly Roman meal search out the city's boisterous pizzerias and lively neighborhood trattorias. These are where the locals go to dine with friends and indulge their passion for thin, crispy pizzas, simple but delicious pastas, and a glass of fine local wine.  Although Naples is the capital of pizza, everywhere in Italy boasts Salsa di pomodoro with all the trimmings.  Pizza paradiso.

The Fall weather had been cold and rainy for 2 days.  This prompted me, out of sheer survival, to join the women of Rome shopping for clothes in a fun frenzy of fashion with the girls.  The women here like the finer things in life and although my nomadic lifestyle doesn't demand it, it was fun to pick up a few new clothes to wear in Rome.  A former model, I hadn't lost my touch for fashion because of years of dusty, functional travel attire.  Away I went with stylish pants, tops, boots, and my new necklace, hand created in the castle of Dubrovnik.  I was ready for Roma.