Star Date:  May 2008
India:  N. E. States, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam


Hello Dear Family & Friends!


"Kumno kong"!

(Hello, madam, Khasi tribe, Meghalaya)






"Non-violence is the law of our species as violence is the law of the brute. The spirit lies dormant in the brute and he knows no law but that of physical might. The dignity of man requires obedience to another law—to the strength of the spirit."

(Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)  Leader of non-violence in India)

And so it goes.........................................Next month the remote Kingdom of Sikkim.  Until then may we each remember to keep our inner spirit strong, allowing us to be more tolerant, patient and peaceful to those around us. Peace starts within.

 We are glad you stopped by.  Keep Smiling!  Thanks for keeping in touch!  Take care!


Love, Light & Laughter, 
xoxoox  Nancy & Joseph



Travel notes:

$1.00US = 42 Rupees.



Prashaanti Tourist Lodge:  A government subsidized lodge so you get more for your money.  (450r)  Big airy rooms and balconies. Get a room in the back - top floors, above the sports complex pool.  Quiet.  Once you request a clean top sheet and wipe a few surfaces it is livable.  Certainly cleaner than others in this price range.  A pretty dirty city in general with hotels to match.  The room staff never passed the white glove test.  Walk out the front door of the train station and down the main road away from the tracks.  It's down on the right, next to the Assam Tourist Office.

Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary: Rhinos galore.  You can jump off a bus from Guwahati heading north, at the junction (the second little 'S' town) and catch a shared auto rickshaw (10r each) to the first little town.  From there it is another 200r roundtrip to the Sanctuary.  If you see a lot of rhinos along the road you can just turn around and save the $25 per person entrance fee or enjoy seeing more rhinos in the park from the back of an elephant (included in the entrance fee).  We weren't sure about a place to stay.  Definitely worth going out to see the rhinos.


Jantiang Hills:
Monoliths and Durga Temple.  Take a shared jeep from Shillong for about 1 1/2 hours.  At the junction for Nartiang hire a taxi to take you around for 300r minimum.  Best to give Elambha a call:  Phone # 98561 - 81508 and he would be waiting for you to arrive at the junction.  (Or just ask for him).  He is a Great guide and person.  You need to do this early in the morning if you plan to continue on - catching a bus to Silchar.  Haflong is out of the question now.  The hotel in Jowai is awful but a few minutes from the Nartiang junction is The Orchid Hotel built for tourists for 600r a night.  Until the problems clears up near Haflong it is best to make the trip to Nartiang for the day only.

Waterfalls, viewpoints, cliffs, Khasi villages.  Beautiful area.  There is only one guesthouse with 2 rooms so don't count on making an overnight.  There is also a lodge further down the cliff that sounded interesting - if a bit expensive.  You can start out early from Shillong, hire a taxi at the village  (the only way to cover the many miles of sights - 400r for 4 hours) and after a look at the town, catch the last shared taxi (4pm) back to Shillong.  Bring rain gear and pray for sun.

Hotel Broadway, G. S. Road, Near Police Bazaar, Phone # 2224590, 2226996, (500r was a good deal in this busy hill station).  Very friendly reception, clean, rooms vary but get one in the back.

Nothao Lodge, "Your Home Away from Home!"  Helpful Kamal will help you with any problems - except reducing the fighting in the hills.  (250-350r) phone # 03673 -236247, Near Ruina Gas Service, top of main street, on left down a little, quiet alley.  A great place, clean, a lovely garden courtyard and open restaurant.  Thank goodness it existed for our 7 night extended stay.  The other options were awful!  Some rooms are newer than others.  Drop in only if the fighting in the hills has stopped - otherwise DON'T GO!  Wait until things improve.

Zenu Internet Cafe:  Main Rd. , near market, Very helpful Sam speaks good English.  His business will take off as soon as a better server hits town.

Hotel Kalpataru, Circuit House Rd., Phone # 245672,  New hotel right next to the bus station, (300r) just get a room up high, on the side away from the buses and it's quiet. Clean.  Great, helpful staff.  In fact it's good to unplug your phone, which we do regularly, because they will call to see if you are hungry, etc.  If you end up down here for some reason this is a good place to relax after a long ride.  Their restaurant has tasty naan and veg curry. 












A mysterious-green eyed priest at the Durga Temple in Nartiang.



The hill top Fertility Temple in Guwahati, Assam


A colorful 'sadu' or wandering holy man, outside a Hindu temple.


A magnificent one horned wild rhino, with 2 hitchhikers.
This powerful bundle of muscle is a vegan.

Loofa anyone?


Delightful Khasi woman selling betel nut or 'kwai'.


Fun in the market in Shillong.


A Khasi man pausing to smoke his pipe before heading home.


Nohkalikai Falls (supposedly India's 4th highest)
in Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya.


Sharing a delicious homemade picnic lunch with
a family from Mumbai.


We spent the night with Elambha, Tesly and family in their tiny home
 near Nartiang.  Wonderful, welcoming Khasi villagers. 


Monoliths in the Jainta Hills; walking sticks of the ancient giants.


Distraught Dimasa tribes people protesting in the streets of Haflong. 
Hundreds of mourners marched silently beside the body of a man
(see the wagon) who was shot the previous day, 4 miles from
town; in yet another act of senseless violence.








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